The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi at Mcgill University

The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi


The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi was founded on January 29, 1927. At the time of it’s founding, it became Sigma Chi’s 87th chapter and Canada’s second chapter.

Located at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec, the Gamma Lambda Chapter is the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization on it’s campus.

The chapter is active both terms of the year: Fall and Winter. It holds numerous social, philanthropic and leadership building events in and around the Montreal area.

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A bit of history :

excerpts from “The Centennial History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity” by Robert M. Collett, Denison ’15.

Gamma Lambda at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, the 87th active chapter, was welcomed into Sigma Chi’s ranks on January 29, 1927. The installation committee consisted of Grand Consul Roy T. Osborn, Alex A. Sharp, Secretary of the Executive Committee, and Frank H. Saunders, Grand Praetor of the Second Province.

At a luncheon on January 28 in the chapter house of Alpha Phi Kappa, the local which was being absorbed, fathers of the members were present as guests. Grand Consul Osborn told the fathers of the advantages of belonging to, or having a son belong to, an organization like Sigma Chi. He pointed out “the untarnished shield which it bears and its prestige in society.” This was a pleasing innovation in installation procedure [brother Graham notes that this “innovation” was done in Toronto and also believes it took place in Halifax]. Formal initiation took place the next day at the Masonic Temple. Grand Consul Osborn presided at the ceremonies. In the afternoon a tea dance was held at the Mount Royal Hotel and the formal banquet took place at the same hotel that evening. Toasts were drunk to the King and to the President of the United States. Those amenities having been taken care of, the speakers who followed gave most of their attention to Sigma Chi and its second Canadian chapter.