The Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation is governed by a number of directors and officers. They are listed below:

2016/2017 Director and Officers Address List
(Revised December 6, 2016)

Honourary Directors

H. Garfield Emerson, Q.C.
Beta Omega (Toronto – Ryerson) 1963

George A. Fierheller
Beta Omega (Toronto – Ryerson) 1955
E-mail address: fierhel at

Douglas A. McWhirter
Beta Omega (Toronto – Ryerson) 1958
E-mail address: dougmcw at

Richard G. Taylor
Beta Omega (Toronto – Ryerson) 1957

D. Timothy Sanderson
Epsilon Omicron (Western Ontario) 1985
E-mail address: tsanderson at

John F. Ricketts
Epsilon Omicron (Western Ontario) 1960
E-mail address: john.ricketts at

Christopher J. Connolly
Gamma Rho (Dalhousie – St. Mary’s) 1982
E-mail address: c.connolly at


David A. MacNicol
Epsilon Omicron (Western Ontario) 1986
Board Chairman
E-mail address: david.macnicol at

David J. Garland
Theta Psi (Waterloo) 1989
Immediate Past Chairman
E-mail address: dkgarland at

John C. Akitt
Theta Psi (Waterloo) 1987
Vice Chairman
E-mail address: akitt.john at

Steven M. Moro
Kappa Mu (Windsor) 1994
E-mail address: smoro at

David B. Lucescu
Delta Omicron (UBC – Simon Fraser) 1985
E-mail address: dlucescu at

Lionel Colman
Beta Omega (Toronto – Ryerson) 1956
E-mail address: lionelco at

Thomas J. Kennedy
Delta Omicron (UBC – Simon Fraser) 1974
E-mail address: tomkennedy at

Andrew S. Kirsch
Beta Nu (Brown) 1999
E-mail address: ashoomkirsch at

James C. Lawley
Gamma Rho (Dalhousie – St. Mary’s) 1979
E-mail address: jimlawley at

Malcolm MacLeod
Scholarship and Grants Committee Chair
Theta Psi (Waterloo) 1987
E-mail address: mmacleod at

Anthony R.J. Sanderson
Delta Omicron (Dalhousie – St. Mary’s) 1986
E-mail address: anthony.r.sanderson at

Peter W. Tilden
Iota Rho (Bishops) 1987
E-mail address: peter.tilden at

Douglas I. Towers
Beta Omega (Toronto) 1961
E-mail address: dougtowers at

Dwayne W. Yaretz
Delta Omicron (UBC – Simon Fraser) 1986
E-mail address: dyaretz at

Devon Wright
Epsilon Omicron (Western Ontario) 2009
E-mail address: devo at