From the chairman (2013)

My Brothers;

The only constant is change for Sigma Chi Canada – positive change!

While the two year reign of Canada’s first truly international sweetheart, Sydney Madison Binnington, came to a very successful end in June ’13, I am very happy to report that Sydney will continue her wonderful involvement with Sigma Chi with the US foundation (with some transition help from the Canadian Foundation).

Here at the Canadian Foundation, we are enhancing the technical fiscal resources available to the chapters by expanding and further improving the joint capability and responsibility for fund raising. As you have hopefully already noticed, we have redesigned our website and it now includes a new Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) component and improved online giving capabilities (including multi-year pledges).

The Canadian Foundation continues its work to solicit financial resources, provide faithful stewardship, and engage in exemplary practices in support of Sigma Chi and leadership development in Canada. Our leadership programs, awards and scholarships are making a difference in the lives of undergrad brothers across the country and I would like to personally thank each and every one of our donors who have made this possible over the years!

In order to address a critical sustainability issue of our own financial reserves to continue the great work that we do, the SCCF is planning the ‘Making A Difference’ fundraising campaign, launching in April ’14. The Campaign will ask Sigma Chi Brothers to pledge and to donate to the SCCF during the next five years – a total goal amount of $750,000.

Finally a quick note on other changes happening at the Canadian Foundation: after more than 10 years as Chair, D. Timothy Sanderson has stepped down to pursue other Sigma Chi interests and assume the role as Past Chair. In his place, I have agreed to step up from my Treasurer’s role and David Lucescu has one again returned to re-assume the Treasurer duties. David MacNicol has agreed to become Vice-Chair. I want to welcome all the David’s to their new roles and also thank Doug Towers for his extended service as Past Chair.

We are always looking for talented volunteers for the various committees of the Broad and the Broad itself. Your support is very much appreciated and needed.

Let’s keep our mission statement alive by continuing to strengthen Sigma Chi in Canada!

In Hoc,

David Garland (Waterloo Ontairo ’89)


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