Experience Sigma Chi

“We do hereby form ourselves into an association for the development of the nobler powers of the mind, the finer feelings of the heart, and for the promotion of friendship and congeniality of feeling.” ~The Founders of Sigma Chi Preamble to the Constitution of 1856

Introduction In the pursuit of these high ideals, the Sigma Chi Fraternity is able to offer tremendous value in augmenting the collegiate experience and supporting the life journey of each of our members. We hope to assist brothers to become men of character, caring husbands, compassionate fathers, and community leaders.

Lifelong Friendships Ever hear that line from a parent or counselor that college is the place where you make friendships that will last a lifetime? Well, we believe that’s true. Friendships are a crucial component of the collegiate experience. Sigma Chi brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to assist each other in the attainment of high-minded goals – a friendship of a higher order that we call brotherhood.

Development of Character Sigma Chi offers a host of social life rewards, but it does so in the context of good character. Integrity, sound judgment and loyalty are all lofty goals which sometimes find themselves contradictory to the impulses of collegiate life. Sigma Chi provides a continuum of character development that assists young men to develop the qualities of their character.

Enhancing the Learning Experience Sigma Chi is an avenue for collegiate men to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning in order to gain knowledge, wisdom and character. This pursuit by our members has brought about a betterment of the individual, campus and community. Sigma Chi proudly rewards these brothers through scholarships and grants. Due to the generosity of the Sigma Chi Foundation, nearly $2.5 million is awarded annually to worthy brothers.

Creating Alumni Mentorship Opportunities Sigma Chi is proud to boast it has the most committed alumni members in the Greek world. Alumni throughout North America demonstrate their commitment to Sigma Chi by volunteering their time to enhance the experience of undergraduate brothers. Alumni volunteers provide housing, advise chapter officers, and serve as personal and professional mentors.