Educational Proposals

Purpose: For chapter-specific programs with educational purpose (e.g. bursaries, scholarships)

Beneficiary: Active Chapter/ Active Brother or Other

Eligibility: Active Chapter with Chapter Advisor, House Corporation or Active Brother

Selection Criteria: A properly-documented, compliant proposal that is approved and sponsored by Chapter Advisor

Amount: Case by case

Application Procedure: Chapter Advisor forwards Application For Approval of Educational Project with his approval

Validation & Judging Procedure: Judged by Board or Executive Comm of SCCF

Award Timing / Turnaround Target: Within 2 wks of receipt by Chairman

Payment: To AC or Active Brother upon submission by AC of Confirmation of Costs for Educ. Project & receipts for event or competition

Funding Source (Donation Card): Other Funds (eg – Bursary, Memorial Award, etc.)

Prerequisites & Other Information: Sufficient monies in Chapter Current or “Other” Fund