Annual General Meeting

The next Annual General Meeting will be on Thursday, April 20th, 2017. To attend please contact Kim Carrigan at kim(dot)carrigan(at)bell(dot)net

The Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation Chairman’s Reception is Thursday, April 20th at 6pm. For more information contact kim(dot)carrigan(at)bell(dot)net .

Chairman’s Message


Dear Brother:

It is our pleasure to update you on the ongoing activities of the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation. This year we celebrate and much has been accomplished as you will see in our most recent newsletter.

You can also view and download a PDF version online at:

It was an honour this past November 2016 to watch the Initiation ceremony of my youngest son, Ben MacNicol, take place at my home chapter, Sigma Chi – Epsilon Omicron, at Western University. Ben is in his fourth (4th) year of a five-year program and as we all know, the commitment to being a Sigma Chi is a lifelong obligation and is not one to be taken lightly! Watching Ben take the pledge of the White Cross serves as a reminder of why we are (still) part of such a wonderful organization and why I am proud to serve as your Chairman of the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation. Congratulations to all of our new Brothers joining the Fraternity across Canada this past year.

Our mission at the Canadian Foundation is simple — we exist to strengthen Sigma Chi in Canada. We ONLY exist to serve the chapters across Canada. We are proud of the impact and the difference we are making with our scholarships and grants (with over $160,000 awarded this past year alone) and humbled by the support we offer to chapters in Canada with the help of our loyal donors. We have a significant fundraising campaign underway now to raise $750,000. We have achieved about 40% of our goal — and we can’t stop now.

One of the three 2016 John W. Graham Scholars I like to introduce is Brother Saif Akkad, UBC 2017, who is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Integrated Sciences (specializing in Immunology and Human Physiology) and plans to become a doctor. Brother Saif Akkad noted that, “the John W. Graham Scholarship as well as other Sigma Chi scholarships have helped me pursue my academic, community service and philanthropic goals as university student. With the time I would have to otherwise spend working, scholarships like these provide me with the time needed to maintain a high academic average (in the 90% range) while remaining involved in my community as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers Program and the local soup kitchen.” It is brothers like Brother Saif Akkad who are making a positive difference everyday at his Sigma Chi Chapter, his campus and community and we are proud to have awarded him as a Graham Scholar!

The majority of funding required for our leadership programs and many scholarships offered comes out of the Canadian Foundation general reserves – while the majority of donations received are earmarked for specific chapter accounts to help with their housing needs – which is not a sustainable long-term financial model. In terms of support for the Canadian Foundation’s General Funds, we are thankful to all of those donors, who are mainly from Sigma Chi – Beta Omega (Toronto-Ryerson) and Sigma Chi – Epsilon Omicron (Western Ontario). While we do get some support from Sigma Chi – Delta Omicron (UBC-SFU), Sigma Chi – Theta Psi (Waterloo) and a smattering of donors from the other Chapters – it means we have to keep working.

We know the need is there and we also know the potential is there too. We need to do a better job of communicating our impact and the valuable role we play as your Canadian Foundation. We need Brothers across the entire country to step up and join the campaign by making a financial commitment. Donate online today at and thank you for your support!

Thank you to our current Board of Directors who serve at the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation: Brothers John Akitt, Lionel Colman, David Garland, Tom Kennedy, Jim Lawley, Jeff Lee, David Lucescu, Malcolm MacLeod, Steven Moro, Andrew Shoom-Kirsch, Peter Tilden and Doug Towers. Thank you always to our honourary directors, Brothers H. Garfield Emerson, Q.C., George A. Fierheller, Douglas A. McWhirter and Richard G. Taylor. While the list is too long to thank everyone who volunteers across Canada, let us take a moment to thank some of the (many) active volunteers who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes and in the interest of ensuring Sigma Chi continues to thrive and grow including: Constantine Sig Lionel Colman who works endlessly on alumni engagement with the help of Andrew Shoom-Kirsch; as well as, Doug Towers, Board Nominations Chair; as well as, David Lucescu, Treasurer, who dedicates many hours a week to make the Foundation operate smoothly throughout the year. In addition, Brother Robb Hadley, President of the Sigma Chi – Toronto Alumni Chapter who is a dedicated, engaged volunteer working to better our organization on so many levels, along with Nigel Fung, Ron Leung and all of the alumni and undergraduate leaders. These are just a few of the many Brothers making a difference across Canada.

Thank you to all of the donors who quietly support our organization consistently every year. We could not continue our work without your help so thank you kindly. The dedicated and committed alumni of Sigma Chi faithfully contribute to the well-being of society; we are delighted to work with our Brothers across the country on this journey to strengthen Sigma Chi in Canada and you are encouraged to call me directly at (416) 367-3040 if you would like to help in any way you can.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

David MacNicol, WESTERN ONTARIO 1986 Chairman








2016 Brotherhood Dinner

REMINDER – The 2016 Brotherhood Dinner is on Thurs Mar 31 at the Albany Club in Toronto. We have a bus full of Actives joining us this year including 2 past Sweethearts and next year’s Sweetheart! Please remember to RSVP to Jared if you plan on attending…. Please re-confirm if you already said yes previously as Jared’s email has changed from last email.

E.O. Brotherhood Dinner

This is a reminder that the 26th Sigma Chi – Epsilon Omicron Brotherhood Dinner will be on Thursday Mar. 31st at the Albany Club in Toronto. The Albany Club is at 91 King Street East and the event starts at 6:00 PM. Brother Sean Buckley ’88 will be our Emcee for the evening with lots of great raffle and auction items available. The dinner promises to be a fun night of reconnecting with old friends. Last year over 100 Brothers attended and I look forward to even more this year. It is $120 and you can pay at the door or in advance…. All proceeds from the evening go towards the upkeep and restoration of the Chapter House.

We will continue with last year’s format. Instead of a formal sit down dinner, there will be an extended cocktail gathering with hot hors d’heurves, along with food stations for dinner with stand up tables. This will allow more time for reminiscing and networking with Brothers. Of course, we will still have 2 tables reserved for the “Founding Fathers” of the Chapter!

At this year’s dinner, we will be honouring the pledge classes of 1966 (50-year anniversary) and 1991 (25-year anniversary). Congratulations!

Please RSVP to Jared Gordon at jared(at)gordonintl(dot)com. If you are unable to attend this year, but would still like to contribute, you can make a tax-deductible donation to our Chapter via the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation using this link: Sig donation to EO (click here). We appreciate contributions of all sizes!

In hoc,

Geoff Spidle (’87)

Mobile: (416) 616-2566

…There will be a raffle, silent auction and live auction at the event. If you have anything to donate to this year’s raffle/auction, please let Peter King know at peter(dot)king(at)rci(dot)rogers(dot)com.

…Over 20 Active Brothers and this year’s Sweetheart will be attending the event and I’m looking for sponsors to cover the cost of their tickets. We have also invited the same group of ladies to help with the auction and raffle and need some sponsors to cover their cost too!

… Please pass on this email to other Brothers just in case they were missed on this communication.

From the Chairman

My Brothers;

Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.
” Winston Churchill

At the 80th Grand Chapter this past June 2015, we saw our very own Past Chairman and Brother Tim Sanderson, WESTERN ONTARIO 1985, succeed at getting elected as Grand Quaestor! Congratulations Tim — we know you will do a fantastic job!

In this newsletter, we continue to celebrate the success of many of our award winners — both undergraduate and alumni brothers and individual chapters.

At the beginning of the year, we officially launched our ‘Making a Difference’ fundraising campaign. The Campaign is asking Sigma Chi Brothers to pledge and to donate to the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation (SCCF) during the next five to ten years
— a total goal amount of $750,000. While we got off to a strong start, the results have been far below expectations and we have run into a number of hurdles including inaccu- rate contact information and challenging record keeping. But as mentioned above, failure is not fatal and thanks to the continuing efforts of Brothers John Ricketts, Lionel “Leo” Colman and David MacNicol, as well as others, we will continue to forge ahead to reach our goal. Why you ask?

Because SCCF continues its work to solicit financial resources, provide faithful stewardship and engage in exemplary practices in support of Sigma Chi and leadership development in Canada. Our leadership programs, awards and scholarships continually make a difference in the lives of undergraduate brothers across the country.

Based on the results to-date, and the work that remains yet to be done, I hope
you will continue to see the merit in supporting the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation. As always, we are grateful to the many Alumni Brothers who donate their time, talent and effort to deliver our mission of strengthening Sigma Chi in Canada. We are also grateful for those who serve our Undergraduate Brothers as Chapter Advisors, House Corporation leaders and many other capacities.

At the end of our next fiscal year, ended June 30, 2016, I will be stepping down as Chair after three (3) years of service but will continue working on the Board as Past Chair and on various Committees. In my place, Brother David MacNicol, WESTERN ONTARIO 1986, has agreed to step up from his Vice Chair role. We are always looking for talented volunteers for the various Committees of the Board and the Board of Directors itself.

Finally, please accept my sincere gratitude to all of you who donate to our efforts. We continue to work hard to earn your support and we are committed to continuing to do so.

Warm regards and In Hoc Signo Vinces,
David J. Garland, WATERLOO 1989


The Seventh Annual Sigma Chi – Ice Hockey Tournament

Saturday, January 23, 2016
9 AM to 10 PM
Powerade Centre, 7575 Kennedy Road South, Brampton, Ontario L6W 4T2
The seventh (7th) installment of the largest Sigma Chi – Ice Hockey Tournament event ever!

Once again, we will be six teams vying for the honour of hoisting the Connable Cup.


Register at:

In Hoc(key)!


From the Chairman (2014)

My Brothers;

No general can fight his battles alone. He must depend upon his lieutenants, and his success depends upon his ability to select the right man for the right place.” Philip Armour

A year ago in the newsletter, we announced our plans for the ‘Making A Difference’ fundraising campaign in order to address a critical sustainability issue of our own financial reserves. That planning continues as we sign on our various Chapter Captains (aka our Lieutenants) and solicit Key Donors as we approach our official launch date in early 2015. To date we have raised 35% of our planned goal amount of $750,000.

I have received questions from some Brothers as to why we need to raise money when our total assets exceed $2M. The answer is simple: the majority of funding required for our leadership programs and many scholarships offered comes out of the SCCF reserves while the majority of donations received are earmarked for specific Chapter accounts to help with their housing needs­ — that is not a sustainable long term financial model.

Speaking of our scholarship programs, we received a great letter from one of the parents of a Brother who received a Leadership scholarship:
“I want to thank you for your support of our son this year. My husband and I were a bit perplexed when our son joined Sigma Chi but it has been a great experience for him and he is so proud of his Fraternity. Our son is taking on quite a challenge in his studies and your faith in him is appreciated more than in the monetary help the scholarship provides. Keep up your good work.”

At the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation (SCCF), all the work is performed
by volunteers (also our lieutenants) who continue their work to solicit financial
resources, provide faithful stewardship of our funds, and engage in exemplary practices in support of strengthening Sigma Chi in Canada. As shown earlier, our leadership programs, awards and scholarships are making a difference in the lives of undergrad brothers across the country and I would like to personally thank each and every one of our donors listed within who have made that possible. More importantly, I look forward to that continued support for our new campaign once officially launched.

I would like to specifically thank the continued volunteer leadership provided by my lieutenants: Brothers David MacNicol, David Lucescu, John Ricketts, John Akitt, Jeff Lee, Lionel Colman, Doug Towers, Doug McWhirter and the rest of the Board.

In Hoc,
David J. Garland, WATERLOO 1989


Sigma Chi launches new website!

The new website is here! Featuring a fresh new look, updated content, and a revitalized focus. We are hoping that you can participate in contributing content as well by sending it in to Kim Carrigan: kim(dot)carrigan(at)bell(dot)net Have some news? Please forward it along. Have an event coming up? Send us the details and we’ll get it posted.

The new site has special social media features. If you are on a page and wish to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, simply click one of the icons: iconsThe home page also features a dynamic Facebook and Twitter feed from the Sigma Chi in Canada accounts, keeping you up to the minute on the latest.

Finally, the new site has been deployed using the latest in responsive design, meaning that you can enjoy the website from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Many thanks for their hard work to Kim Carrigan, Annette Juckes, Ciprian Mihalcea, and Andrew Bray.


First Annual Ottawa Alumni Golf Tournament

Ottawa Golf

Sigma Chi Lambda Theta Chapter formally invite you to join us at:

The First Annual Ottawa Alumni Golf Tournament!

Gatineau Golf and Country Club
Saturday July 19 2014

Tee off: 1:00 to 1:30pm

Dinner is scheduled for 6:00pm
Cost: $85
Includes: one round of 18 holes, golf cart, dinner

For more information please visit or email lambdathetatribune(at)gmail(dot)com for event details and registration.

From the chairman (2013)

My Brothers;

The only constant is change for Sigma Chi Canada – positive change!

While the two year reign of Canada’s first truly international sweetheart, Sydney Madison Binnington, came to a very successful end in June ’13, I am very happy to report that Sydney will continue her wonderful involvement with Sigma Chi with the US foundation (with some transition help from the Canadian Foundation).

Here at the Canadian Foundation, we are enhancing the technical fiscal resources available to the chapters by expanding and further improving the joint capability and responsibility for fund raising. As you have hopefully already noticed, we have redesigned our website and it now includes a new Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) component and improved online giving capabilities (including multi-year pledges).

The Canadian Foundation continues its work to solicit financial resources, provide faithful stewardship, and engage in exemplary practices in support of Sigma Chi and leadership development in Canada. Our leadership programs, awards and scholarships are making a difference in the lives of undergrad brothers across the country and I would like to personally thank each and every one of our donors who have made this possible over the years!

In order to address a critical sustainability issue of our own financial reserves to continue the great work that we do, the SCCF is planning the ‘Making A Difference’ fundraising campaign, launching in April ’14. The Campaign will ask Sigma Chi Brothers to pledge and to donate to the SCCF during the next five years – a total goal amount of $750,000.

Finally a quick note on other changes happening at the Canadian Foundation: after more than 10 years as Chair, D. Timothy Sanderson has stepped down to pursue other Sigma Chi interests and assume the role as Past Chair. In his place, I have agreed to step up from my Treasurer’s role and David Lucescu has one again returned to re-assume the Treasurer duties. David MacNicol has agreed to become Vice-Chair. I want to welcome all the David’s to their new roles and also thank Doug Towers for his extended service as Past Chair.

We are always looking for talented volunteers for the various committees of the Broad and the Broad itself. Your support is very much appreciated and needed.

Let’s keep our mission statement alive by continuing to strengthen Sigma Chi in Canada!

In Hoc,

David Garland (Waterloo Ontairo ’89)