KTLW Leadership Training

Purpose: To assist Active Chapter brothers in attending the annual Krach Transformational Leadership Workshop

Beneficiary: Active Chapter

Eligibility: Any Active Chapter expenses related to Active Brothers’ attendance at KTLW including the Leadership Programming fees paid in each semi-annual filing with International. Funds go first to covering out-of-pocket costs of undergraduates in getting to and from KTLW with any remaining balances available to reimburse the chapter for the fees.

Selection Criteria: Active Chapter

Amount: $1,500 per year maximum basic grant – additional funds can be accessed (if needed) from the chapter specific funds. Contact the Treasurer for available balances before submitting the funding application.

Application Procedure: Obtain most recent set of forms (two) from Steven Moro, the Foundation’s KTLW Grants Coordinator.
His email is steven(dot)moro(at)hubinternational(dot)com.
Be sure to send all supporting documents via email.

Validation & Judging Procedure: Confirmed with Grand Praetor

Award Timing / Turnaround Target: Within 4 weeks of application

Payment: Within 2 weeks after Workshop (Conf. of Expenses), Form & receipts received

Funding Source (Donation Card): Additional funds can be drawn from Chapter’s Current Funds, if required, on approval of Chapter Advisor and House corp President.

Prerequisites & Other Information: Becomes chapter loan if receipts are not submitted in a timely manner to the KTLW Grants Coordinator.