From the Chairman (2014)

My Brothers;

No general can fight his battles alone. He must depend upon his lieutenants, and his success depends upon his ability to select the right man for the right place.” Philip Armour

A year ago in the newsletter, we announced our plans for the ‘Making A Difference’ fundraising campaign in order to address a critical sustainability issue of our own financial reserves. That planning continues as we sign on our various Chapter Captains (aka our Lieutenants) and solicit Key Donors as we approach our official launch date in early 2015. To date we have raised 35% of our planned goal amount of $750,000.

I have received questions from some Brothers as to why we need to raise money when our total assets exceed $2M. The answer is simple: the majority of funding required for our leadership programs and many scholarships offered comes out of the SCCF reserves while the majority of donations received are earmarked for specific Chapter accounts to help with their housing needs­ — that is not a sustainable long term financial model.

Speaking of our scholarship programs, we received a great letter from one of the parents of a Brother who received a Leadership scholarship:
“I want to thank you for your support of our son this year. My husband and I were a bit perplexed when our son joined Sigma Chi but it has been a great experience for him and he is so proud of his Fraternity. Our son is taking on quite a challenge in his studies and your faith in him is appreciated more than in the monetary help the scholarship provides. Keep up your good work.”

At the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation (SCCF), all the work is performed
by volunteers (also our lieutenants) who continue their work to solicit financial
resources, provide faithful stewardship of our funds, and engage in exemplary practices in support of strengthening Sigma Chi in Canada. As shown earlier, our leadership programs, awards and scholarships are making a difference in the lives of undergrad brothers across the country and I would like to personally thank each and every one of our donors listed within who have made that possible. More importantly, I look forward to that continued support for our new campaign once officially launched.

I would like to specifically thank the continued volunteer leadership provided by my lieutenants: Brothers David MacNicol, David Lucescu, John Ricketts, John Akitt, Jeff Lee, Lionel Colman, Doug Towers, Doug McWhirter and the rest of the Board.

In Hoc,
David J. Garland, WATERLOO 1989